A passion for authentic food and exquisite taste.

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Rediscovering and reinterpreting traditional delicacies

Achieving excellency, without compromises or shortcuts.

In search of quality, we only use seasonal fruits and vegetables, freshly picked and naturally fertilised. We aim to achieve excellency in what we do without compromise or shortcuts.

"Soft butter on a warm slice of bread is my cup of tea"


"A glass of white wine it's always a good idea complimenting a fine platter with raw slices of meat and cheese"


FLOUR, WATER, SALT — that’s all you need to create one of the most fundamental product in the history of mankind. Sourdough bread!

The process is formed from a careful and complex balance between time, temperature, natural fermentation and science. Although it appears simple, it is a culinary art acquired and crafted since ancient times.


Our sourdough bread is our dearest product. We have invested time, love and passion into obtaining the real sourdough bread taste. Savoury flavour taking you back down memory lane, reminding you of the bricks ovens that your grandparents used to have, cooking delicious food the old-fashioned way. The bread lasted for a week with a fresh baked smell, making it exciting and a pleasure to indulge into. That is the childhood story of a bread with a beautiful brown crust and a soft crumb!

Maintaining quality and the traditional taste

With determination having to balance patience and ambition we want to respect and keep the long process of sourdough bread making. Using the best quality flour and respecting the natural proofing time that the sourdough bread needs.

We’re excited to talk to you about our delicious bread and the benefits it brings and we’re waiting for you to visit us any time!